Real Estate Services

Rental management:

Commercial management:
  • Property advertising
  • Search and selection of tenants
  • Management of lease agreements
Economic and administrative management:
  • Creation and collection of receipts from the tenants. Review and update of rents
  • Bond and guarantee management
  • Bond retention through Incasol and Colegio de Administradores de Fincas
  • Building of tenant loyalty
  • Control of contract expiration
  • Resignations management and bond settlements. Revision of the property.
  • Collection follow-up, defaulters control and defaults management
  • Maintenance of the property and incident management
  • Monthly settlements to the owner

 Community of owners management:

  • Bill collection, payment of supplies  and payment of maintenance
  • Announcement, celebration and Annual Ordinary Meeting. Acting as secretary.
  • Implementation and monitoring of agreements
  • Treatment and monitoring of incidents, repairs and works previously approved by the President of the Community.
  • Treatment of late

Other real estate services:

  • Property sales: property valuation, advertising, sales contract, personal advising until the sale is concluded.
  • General advice in real estate.
  • Property insurance advice.